sábado, 22 de enero de 2011



Shin Ki Taiso

We now the action of breathing is something natural, it is independent of our brain. Automatically we breathe, but we can try many different exercises to breath for different reasons, health, sports, yoga, diving, running and for Traditional Karate too.

In India, China, Okinawa, Japan and occident this idea was always a big subject to study and develop.
Was Nishiyama Sensei who wrote in 2006 a very deep research of breathing, I want only to collaborate in this matter using Sensei’s work as a starting point.

Of course we need to try different kind of breath and adopt the one our body accept mostly. But Buddhist breath using tanden and kami tanden connection is the one who can help us mostly in my opinion for Traditional Karate practitioners.

To achieve this I recommend of course, kata, kihon and kumite training, but before this we must develop the correct use of our breath using exercises to increase lung capacity and function.

Thoracic Diaphragm is a very important muscle, which operate in the process of breathing. This muscle we must train, when we inhale the diaphragm contract and relax when we exhale. So it’s necessary to study body exercises and movements to develop this muscle in the profit of our health and by consequence for Karate purposes.

Karate practice collaborates in our health but many instructors don’t know how to explain the breathing process carefully, for that reason I recommend Nishiyama Sensei article written in 2006 for ITKF Instructors Seminar.

But individually we can investigate to have more knowledge about breathing and in my case I am studying this subject since 1996.

In my opinion to develop breathing techniques we must practice how to use all elements, which are implicated in the process, principal muscles as I mentioned before as the diaphragm, low stomach, back, and lumbar, pelvic region, etc.

We train first all of the totally and then by individual groups. As soon as we can control the exercises we transfer to the Karate training.

Old Yoga masters use to say we must think about breath for that reason they have many different methods of training breathing and majority of them are with physical movements. But in Karate we do not have so many and the purpose is different.

The Shin Ki Taiso System will guide the students to develop many ways to control the muscles and the breathe at the same time, by consequence when they train Traditional Karate their body system is more comfortable to perform the techniques.

In the next Winter Gasshuku at Stara Wiess Dojo in Poland from February 2nd to 6th, we will practice Shin Ki Taiso System; I would like to share this with all Karate people in during the event.

Nelson Carrion