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by. Nelson Carrion

For more than 4000 years Chinese people have developed the martial arts. Only few techniques were developed using brute muscle power.

But about 200 years B.C. they discovered the channels of energy and chi (Ki in Japanese) circulation in the Chinese medicine like acupunture and massage and for that reason they arrived to understand this kind of internal power.

This exercises were used at the Shaolin Temple by the monks with the name of Wai Dan, for health proposes and the efficacy to increase the strength of the muscles. They developed the Chi with a hard training to resist blows. These techniques were developed to protect the monks against attacks of the temple at that time.

As soon as the understood how to use the Chi for self-defense and health, they started to train how to stop the Chi flow of the enemy. In many cased these techniques were developed by the Kung Fu art or others Chinese system of self-defense.

Today we do not study too much these kind of training, but we must know about, because our muscular power will not be the same when we are young or old.

Nishiyama Sensei is trying to make us understand this matter so my investigation is concentrated in this subject since I meet him in 1988.

I discovered a small person, with a small body but with a lot of energy. Of course at the beginning was a big impression, but the most important thing was the system he created to develop the internal power. And he opened my mind, so I started to investigate by the different kind of energy, also muscles training as bodybuilding and halterophilie. With my studies of Shiatsu and Thermie and some experience of meditation. I realize that we can increase our internal power through a good method of training like we do in Traditional Karate and incorporating those others ways of training.

In Chinese Chi Qung we have the Nei Dan training method were the abdomen generates the Chi and guided by the mind through the body.

Is a method were we use the muscles relaxed and by consequence the Chi channels are ready to accumulate good energy and flow.

This in Traditional Karate we can develop by training, principally during Kihon and Kata, when we do applications with an opponent we must control this kind of internal power to avoid injuries; but in self defense this energy is very efficient because we can destroy our enemy more easily without too much effort.

I recommend the Traditional Karate student to study that and try deeply, for woman which physical power is not the same as men it is also recommended and children too.

I will try to introduce some easy physical and meditation exercises to develop Ki and health. Also the Ten No Kata as a training method to develop these principles of energy through Karate techniques.


The practitioner can use the “Agura” cross leg posture; the back should be straight without being bolt upright. We can use a cushion of about 5 centimeters thick. The body will take some weeks to adjust the new position. Both hands at the center of the Tandem, one in the top of the other with the thumbs and middle fingers touching.

Try to do it faced to the east; the experienced mediators discovered that empirically following the rotation of the earth.

As all exercises, we can train and make an effort to arrive. The concentration in the breathing it’s very important and we must try to clean our mind of all our thoughts.

The position of the tongue, teeth and eyes must be realized as follows:

The tongue must touch the roof of the mouth near the center, the teeth should touch lightly. The eyes are better to maintain half closed, like mokuso.

Always try to make meditation when you are calm and not worried, do it twice a day at the beginning (five to fifteen minutes), if you consider positive for your health, try to investigate deeply with a teacher to introduce you in the method.

Physical exercises could accompany our work to build the Ki; they can be made seated in the Agura posture.

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